Mobilizing neighborhoods in times of crisis

Are you over 70 and following the government guidelines to self-isolate to protect yourself against Covid-19? As a result, you may find yourself in need of help with daily errands such as shopping or picking up medicine or even walking your dog, which all involve leaving your home and potentially putting your health at risk. Fortunately, there are volunteers living near you who are willing to help and our mission is to connect you quickly and safely, via the power of the internet. 

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How it Works?

Simply put, we try to match Helpers and Seniors who live within a short distance of each other by confidentially cross-referencing their locations. The more people register, the more chances to connect volunteers and Seniors living nearby to each other. We do not disclose our Senior's addresses, just how far away they live from volunteers who have chosen to offer their help. Once a Helper has reached out to introduce himself/herself, it is entirely up to the Senior to give his/her address to the Helper. Protecting the safety of our Seniors is paramount so we've introduced a few basic checks as part of our Helper vetting process:

  1. We ask all our Helpers to upload both their picture and their ID. We then manually verify that the Helper's picture matches the picture on their ID and that the name on their ID matches the registration form. In the event this information could not be verified, the account will stay inactive.
  2. We verify all our Helper's mobile phone numbers by sending them a Verification Code.
  3. Once their account is activated, each Helper only sees the profiles of up to 5 Seniors living nearby who have yet to receive assistance.
  4. Helpers cannot deactivate their accounts however they can notify the system that they no longer wish to continue providing assistance.

Last but not least, we will never share or sell any personal information provided by either our Helpers or our Seniors. The cost of running and maintaining this website is our small contribution to society at a time when we all need to come together.