What is Helping Our Seniors? 

Helping our Seniors is a service designed to assist those most in need during the Coronavirus pandemic. Elderly citizens have been advised by the Government not to leave their homes. They need assistance with everyday life, which is what the Helping Our Seniors service is designed to do. We want to connect those most at risk with volunteers who can assist them. 


How does Helping Our Seniors work? 

Helping Our Seniors works by connecting a volunteer with a Senior via a postcode location matching service. Once a volunteer has signed up, you’ll be shown Seniors near you who have signed up and requested a form of help. The Senior has an option to indicate the type of assistance they need and, as a volunteer, you can connect based on your near and convenient proximity and what you can do to help. Once matched you’ll be given the Senior’s phone number so you can introduce yourself and offer your help.


How do I find a Senior to help? 

The system works on a postcode matching location basis. Once your account has been verified you’ll see local Seniors in need of assistance. They will indicate the type of help they need. If you’re able to help them you can reach out via phone to introduce yourself and discuss how you may help. Once you have done, the Senior you have offered to help will no longer show as requiring assistance and no one else will be able to reach out to them. If no Seniors indicate that they need help in your local area please continue to check Helping Our Seniors on a daily basis. 


How can I sign up as a Senior? 

As a Senior we want to make connecting with a potential Helper as safe and simple as possible. All we require from you is your name, full address (for matching purposes), mobile number and email. 


How can I sign up as a Helper? 

In order to keep our Seniors safe as possible, a Helper is required to provide their name, email address, a picture of their face and a picture of a form of ID. This is to verify a Helper’s identity and to ensure that our Seniors can feel as safe as possible. We also verify all our Helpers’ mobile phone numbers by sending them a verification code via text message.


What are the delivery tips for foods and goods to a Senior? 

Once you are connected with a Senior please follow the following steps to make a delivery. 


  1. Consult and adhere to our safe delivery tips. 
  2. Ask the Senior to make a list of all the items they need. 
  3. Ask the Senior where they would like you to purchase the items. 
  4. Discuss a payment method and what they expect to spend with the Senior. Consult our payment methods below for more advice on this. 
  5. Arrange a pickup (if required) and delivery time with the Senior to ensure goods are delivered. 
  6. Follow all safety tips and avoid any contact with the Senior, food or goods should be left on the doorstep of the Seniors abode and you should respect the government's recommended distancing of 2 metres (6 feet) at all times. Make sure to wash your hands before leaving the house and once you return home. 


Why do I need to upload a picture of myself and a picture of my ID? 

This is simply for verification and identification purposes. One of our volunteers will verify that your photo matches your ID and that your name matches your account. You’ll be able to connect with a local Senior in need of assistance only once your account has been activated. Your information and images will not be used for any additional purpose. 


How will my data be used? 

Your data will be used in no other way than to connect you with up to 5 Seniors living nearby.


What to do if you show signs of any symptoms? 

If you show any signs of symptoms including a fever or a new continuous cough, please refrain from volunteering and self-isolate according to government guidelines.


How to accept payment from a Senior? 

When accepting payment from a Senior please understand that trust is of the most importance. Please ask the Senior what payment methods are available to them. We recommend using one of the following payments for simplicity. 



Bank Transfer 



When possible, you should ask the Senior where they would like their items purchased. Talk to the Senior about how payment can be arranged. If cash is the only payment option available, please handle with gloves at all times. We want our Seniors to be comfortable and confident so please include a receipt for any goods purchased. Follow the guidance in the safety tips section of the website. 



What do I do if a Senior asks me to collect post for them? 

If a Senior needs you to post something for them, or to collect post for them please follow these steps. 


  1. To collect an item of post, please determine where the post should be collected from, whether there are any required security codes or measures needed to collect the post and whether there is any cost associated in collecting the post. 
  2. To send an item of post, please determine where the item needs to be sent from (a post box or post office) and if there is any cost involved in sending the post. If there is a cost please follow our tips on how to collect payment from a Senior. 
  3. Arrange a time to meet to collect the post while adhering to all social distancing measures.



What do I do if a Senior needs me to walk their animal?

The Blue Cross has indicated dogs are not carriers of Covid-19 nor transmitters. For more info, please consult the Blue Cross for pets website to monitor any updates on this matter.

Current advice stipulates that a volunteer can walk a Senior’s dog. Please adhere to all safety tips outlined. Wash your hands, wear gloves where applicable and disinfect any the lead after touching it.